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hr and admin Associate (compenben)Be Global E-Commerce Corporation

Salary: Agreement
Work form: Full time
Posting Date: 07/03/2024
Deadline: 07/04/2024

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The role of an HR and Admin Associate will mainly focus on Compensation and Benefits and Payroll Administration. He or she will handle responsibilities revolving around employee/labor relations, administrative function, and employee engagement.
Duties and Responsibilities:
CompenBen and Payroll Administration
Handle Payroll Administration and Reports
Payroll computation (Individual contribution).
Ensure timely release of payroll and sending of payslips. (Payroll computation must be done 24 hours before the scheduled payroll release and payslips must be sent the same day the payroll is released).
Address all complaints and issues of employees regarding their pay-out computation within the standard timeline of 24-48 hours upon receipt of complaint or concern.
Process Xero / PCF for all payout transactions.
Prepare BIR reports (1601c, 1604c, 1702Q, 13th month pay, 2316, etc.).
Update Payroll Dashboard and communicate salary increases to all employees.
Generate monthly salary reports per department.
Handle Government Mandated and Benefits Administration
Ensure accurate and timely requests of benefit payments due to members by providing the right computation which is subject for approval by the Consultant. (Individual Contribution)
Request and process Xero/PCF for the requested salaries, incentives, employee cash advances, referral fees, etc. (Individual Contribution)
Conduct re-orientation of statutory and in-house benefits to members. (Individual Contribution)
Employee Engagement and Recruitment
Assist in various HR Programs.
Assist in Recruitment process
Summary of role requirements:
Looking for candidates available to work:
Monday: Morning, Afternoon
Tuesday: Morning, Afternoon
Wednesday: Morning, Afternoon
Thursday: Morning, Afternoon
Friday: Morning, Afternoon
2-3 years of relevant work experience required for this role
Working rights required for this role

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Be Global E-Commerce Corporation

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