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AuditorComglasco Aguila Glass

Workplace: MetroManila, Manila
Salary: Agreement
Work form: Full time
Posting Date: 23/09/2022
Deadline: 23/10/2022
-spreadsheet data collection, verification, and analysis
-analyzing the financial accounting and control systems of the organization
-determining the financial risk levels in organizations
-ensuring the accuracy and reliability of financial data and records
-safeguarding the safety of assets
-determining whether or not processes are performing as they should and recommending modifications
-preparing financial statements, reports, and commentaries
-collaborating with management and sharing findings and suggestions
-ensuring that procedures, rules, laws, and regulations are followed and adhered to carrying out wage reviews
Strong analytical, statistical, and problem solving
Organizational and leadership abilities
Integrity and reliability

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Paranaque City, Metro Manila

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Comglasco Aguila Glass

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