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Salary: USD 1,800.00 per month
Work form: Full time
Posting Date: 13/06/2024
Deadline: 13/07/2024

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Job Description
Perform an assessment of the child to establish what areas they are weak in and create a personalized treatment plan to aid the development of specific skills the child needs to complete tasks successfully.
Works on developing confidence, self-esteem and social skills to help achieve their maximum potential.
Work with children with learning difficulties to improve their coordination, organization and planning abilities.
Use a variety of strategies to assist children with self-regulation, processing and sensory stimulation to become more independent in their daily lives.
Assist children in their fine motor and gross motor skills, self-care skills, visual perceptual skills to help the child build on their confidence and reach their full potential.
Vigilant at all times to ensure and maintain a safe environment for the child.
Regularly evaluate their progress and implementing changes to the therapy program as and when needed.
Work collaboratively with other team members to assure that the child reaches their full potential.
Provide timely and practical advice to parents and guardians and provide the knowledge and skills to them to assist in maximizing a child's independence at home.
A minimum of 2 year(s) of working experience is required.
Candidates must be a Bachelor's / College Degree holder in Medical Science or similar fields.
A dedicated occupational therapist, passionate about supporting children and their families through creating and following a personalized program to assist the child in reaching their full potential.
Extensive knowledge of the theory, principles and practices of occupational therapy.
Must possess good interpersonal skills and communication skills
Must exhibit high level of patience and tolerance when handling the child
Must possess good problem-solving and analytical skills
Must display flexibility, no two children are the same and therefore may not response to the same therapy procedure
Demonstrate excellent written and verbal communication skills, keeping accurate records of the child's development
A degree in Occupational Therapy with specialization in pediatrics
Must possess the necessary certification and valid license to operate as an Occupational Therapist
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Placement Fee
This job has no placement fee.

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