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Kitchen HelperGelatissimo

Workplace: Cebu
Salary: Agreement
Work form: Full time
Posting Date: 15/01/2024
Deadline: 26/07/2023

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General Function:
Responsible for overseeing and managing the daily operations of a kitchen. Their primary role is to ensure the smooth and efficient functioning of the kitchen and to maintain high standards of food quality and service
Ensuring that all dishes are prepared and cooked according to established recipes and standards. Monitoring the quality, taste, and presentation of food items.
Collaborating with the restaurant owner or management on menu development
Coordinating with the Bar & Restaurant manager, to ensure smooth communication and efficient service.
Monitoring and controlling food inventory, including ordering and stocking ingredients, managing perishable items, and minimizing waste.
Ensuring compliance with health and safety regulations, including proper food handling, storage, and sanitation practices. Implementing and maintaining hygiene and safety standards in the kitchen.
Addressing customer feedback and concerns regarding food quality or service. Interacting with customers to gather feedback and make improvements to enhance their dining experience.

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