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GOLDEN LEGACY JOBMOVERS, CORP. need to recruit the following positions:HOUSEMAID salary SAR 1,500.00 per month;CAREWORKER works at Zambales salary Agreement;Nail Technician salary Agreement;Hairdresser/Hairstylist salary Agreement;English Teacher salary Agreement;Domestic Workers salary USD 400.00 per month;HOUSEMAID salary SAR 1,500.00 per month;DOMESTIC HELPER salary AED 1,500.00 per month;Nurse salary Agreement;Nurse salary AED 6,500.00 per month;DOMESTIC HELPER salary HKD 4,870.00 per month;AUTO ELECTRICIAN salary Agreement;AUTO TECHNICIAN salary QAR 2,600.00 per month;DOMESTIC HELPER salary BHD 150.00 per month;HOUSEMAID salary SAR 1,500.00 per month;TAILOR salary SAR 1,875.00 per month;Sound & Light Technician salary Agreement;Electrical Technician salary Agreement;Bartender salary Agreement;Hotel Receptionist salary Agreement;

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